so yeah— I drew this—- I should be studying or sleeping or doing anything else but this- yeah

have a cleaning heichou in your blog

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Yuzuru Hanyu meets the Emperor and Empress of Japan [x]

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Mekakucity Actors Countdown [0 Days]
「Ayano Tateyama #0」- Ayano’s Theory of Happiness

With fear in their eyes, they cry
“I’m just a monster,”
So I tell them, “That’s not true at all,”
“Red is the color of a hero,
so there’s no need to be afraid…”


DASHでイッテQ!行列のできるしゃべくり日テレ系人気番組NO.1決定戦 2014: TEGO VS KOYAMA

roflmao! XDDDD

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dash is named dash because he runs really fast

violet is named violet because ultraviolet rays are invisible to the human eye

so what’s jack jack’s name got to do with his power

jack of all trades because he has so many powers



Tartarus Demon King Marde Guille 

It shall begin soon. Darkness shall pour forth from the doors of hell, a darkness to swallow all the world’s light.

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long ago the four melons lived together in harmelony and then everything changed when the firemelons attacked


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from the album Shape memory music.


kuromary? kuroaya? kuroayamary???? where are they anyways?? kuroha’s womb no doubt???


'Ooooi Hinata-kun ttebaaaaa…..'

Something from the Kagepro manga I noticed-


Okay, you guys know this scene from chapter 18? Well, after the fifth novel confirmed that Kano was working for Kenjirou, he was obviously well-aquainted with the wide-eyed snake. Kuroha is assumed to be possessed by the wide-eyed snake. This explains why Kano seems so scared by Kuroha’s statement:


"You’re the ‘Deceiver’ from that time, aren’t you?"

The wide-eyed snake remember Kano while in Kenjirou’s body. He remembers using him and his power, and he remembers Kano being the ‘Deceiver’. Kano knows that that’s Kenjirou in some way (the wide-eyed snake) and he has that stunned look on his face.


Now Kano knows that he failed to protect his friends. He couldn’t protect Takane when appearing as Ayano and warning her to tell Haruka she loved him. The snake was here again, now in the form of Kuroha, and he was going to kill Kano first. That was the wide-eyed snake’s way of telling him that he’s useless now, he’s done, and he was only a little pawn in his game, by killing him first. And now, everyone he’s ever called a family is going to die, because he couldn’t stop the wide-eyed snake from getting to them.


kano and kido’s first meeting is really cute hh and even her words to him, “if you die next to me, it’ll make me feel bad, so i thought that i’d lend this to you!”

also their interactions seem to never change ww kano joked that he thought kido was a ghost and she cried and he just rushed to apologize that he was lying. and then kido mumbled “you’re not lying. i won’t forgive you. absolutely.”

and then kano even thought that she was angry because she’s actually a ghost who saw him dying and mistook him as a companion kANO

i basically love this whole sequence of their first meeting oh man kido scared him ever since they first met this is gold